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7 tips to choosing a catering company in NYC

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7 tips to choosing a catering company in NYC

Choosing the right catering company for your next event or meeting is never easy. Not only do you need to be able to facilitate meals to suit many tastes, but it also must be appropriate for the occasion. In NYC there are a great number of catering choices each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

To help you find the best catering company in NYC we have surmised a list of tips below

1. Dietary Needs

Today, when you are catering for an event or meeting it must be inclusive of dietary needs, ensuring everyone has access to a tasty meal. All well-planned events take note of any severe allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions. The most common include Peanut allergies, gluten, vegetarian, pork and vegan.

A good Catering company will not only be able to accommodate these dietary needs, but they will also look deliciously tempting to people who are not restricted with their diet. All too often gluten-free or vegan meals are tasteless or boring. Choosing a caterer that can accommodate all dietary needs in the tastiest fashion will ultimately reflect positively on the event planner.

2. Upfront with Costs

This is a no-brainer. Catering, regardless of the size should be transparent. Not only should you know the ingredients you are eating, but you should also know about the costs upfront. After all, one thing that is certain to leave a bad taste in your mouth is unexpected charges when the bill arrives.

A clearly itemized menu will help you choose the best foods for the occasion.

You can also keep costs down with packages. Reputable caterer such as Chalait may include platters. These help you to present an array of food choices at a cheaper cost.

If you want something a little bit out of the ordinary - or off the menu, don't be afraid to ask - but do keep in mind that it may cost you. Changes that are 'out of the box' may require extra ingredients or preparation which can increase the cost of your catering menu.

3. Sample before you commit

One way to know you have chosen the right catering firm is to sample the food prior to the event. Chalait is first and foremost a gourmet cafe specialising in tasty meals, coffee and matcha. Pop into one of their cafes to see just how fresh the food is, or order something from the menu to taste the flavour combinations.

4. Convenience

Catering has to be convenient. Who has the time to constantly chase up menus or seek assurances of quality control? Choose a catering firm that is local to you, understands your requirements and will meet a deadline is worth its weight in gold

5. Word of mouth

Don't know where to start looking for a caterer? ask a friend, or ask your local community group on facebook. Often enough you will get caterers themselves answering, but among those replies will be a common thread of wisdom.

6. Make an impression

Can your caterer make a good impression? For some, work involves an endless turnstile of catered event. Most are average at best, not exactly healthy and leave the attendee feeling hungry and underwhelmed.

If you want your next event to be memorable you should start with the food and beverages. Choose a caterer with a twist, one that makes a normal meal just that little bit special - and delivers on taste. An example of this would be a choice of sandwiches made on freshly baked ciabatta bread with gourmet filling. Or delicious breakfast post with superfood ingredients such as matcha and fresh berries.

Planning a meeting? get to know your attendees needs beforehand, including how they like their coffee, tea, or matcha drink.

7. On-Site Barista

America's love of coffee runs deep. It gets us going in the morning and regular top-ups keep our engines running throughout the day. At events, coffee is known as a social lubricant. The familiar beverage helps people to relax, participate and feel their best in a social or corporate setting.

The use of a professional barista at your next event will be welcome by most. Want to get everyone talking? ask your barista to serve up Matcha shorts just like the Pop Up Chalist Cafes that are for hire.

Looking for a caterer in NY?

Chalait offers the freshest catering menu in town. Our breakfast and lunch menus use seasonal ingredients ensuring a flavour burst with every bite. 

For the full cafe experience at your next event why not order the Chalait Pop-up cafe, complete with our professional barista? 

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