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Matcha Culture: Everything You Need to Know About the Next Big Thing in Tea

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A great wrap up of all things matcha. A big thanks to Rochelle Bilow (@RochelleBilow) for the writing this excellent article.© dandalker | CHALAIT

© dandalker | CHALAIT

It’s no secret we at Bon Appétit love the powdered green tea known as matcha. Heck, we even put it in our holiday cookies. But we’re not the only ones smitten by matcha. With one finger on the mug of our green tea latte and the other on the pulse of all things up-and-coming in the food world, we can’t help but notice that the chatter about matcha is getting louder. Food-forward Instagrammers are increasingly as likely to snap a picture of a matcha latte (using the hashtag #matcha, of course) as they are a cappuccino, and they can now do so at specialty matcha cafés cropping up across the country, from New York to California to Hanoi.

Read the full article here.

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