Matcha On-The-Go Set

$38.00 $25.00

Enjoy your matcha ritual on the go with our Travel Flask and Chalait Everyday Ceremonial Grade Matcha To-Go Sticks! 

The single serving Matcha To-Go Sticks make it easy to enjoy your favorite drink anywhere. Each pack contains 10x2g single serve packets of 100% ceremonial, premium grade matcha in a versatile format.

Highly mobile and easy to stow, our 12oz Travel Flask is super versatile. It's the perfect compliment for our Matcha To-Go Sticks! Goes wherever you go, providing you with icy cold beverage for up to 24hrs or keeps your hot beverage steaming for up to 6 hours.

Just add water and matcha to the flask, give it a shake and you can enjoy a matcha tea (hot or cold) anywhere!

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