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    Delicious matcha for

    your healthy lifestyle

    Our matcha is crafted with love by our tea experts, and sourced from the finest full-leaf tea available.

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    daily ritual

    Discover why this super green tea powder is our solution for everything – from detox to alertness, there's never too matcha.

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    The Chalait matcha tea is available in four different grades. Each grade presents its own unique flavor profile, sweetness and also distinctive aroma.

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    "Sweet, creamy, rich, with a great deal of boldness and character...a truly amazing matcha"

    "Delicious! I have tried many matcha brands and this is the only one that tastes exactly like they do it at the Chalait location in New York!"

    "The best, nothing else even comes close!"

    Chalait Cafe

    Chalait Cafe

    Best matcha cafe in New York. Serving fresh wholesome meals, matcha tea and coffee that will blow your mind.
    You can expect tasty matcha treats, gourmet sandwiches, grain bowls and of course matcha tea that will have you buzzing all day.

    Chalait Cafe Location:
    461 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10014

    Chalait matcha as seen in:

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      Best Tools for Making Matcha at Home Making matcha is actually easier than you think with the right set of tools. Without the right equipment you will end up with clumps of powdery tea and lots of disappointment. So here are our top picks for the most essential matcha tools, along with few tips to make your cup of matcha taste just like the one from the cafes.
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      Matcha Mochi Dutch Baby Here is a Matcha Mochi Dutch Baby recipe from our matcha community that's a unique twist on a classic and we can't wait to try it in our kitchen! It's a quick and easy crowd pleaser.

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