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Our Matcha

It's no secret that we love our matcha at Chalait. One of our central goals is to share our passion and make matcha more accessible to the western world. Our unique line of matcha signature drinks is the perfect embodiment of our tradition and innovation ideal by taking a modern approach to enjoying this time-honored drink.

About Our Matcha Chalait

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Chalait matcha comes from the rolling hills of Uji, which is Japan's oldest and most celebrated tea growing region. In fact, the green tea processing method, in practice today, originated here in the 18th century. 

It's a well-known secret that the finest matcha comes from the Uji tea fields in the Kyoto prefecture. Uji has the perfect conditions for producing high quality green tea with its misty climate, rich soil and a wide range of temperatures between day and night. By choosing to source our tea from Uji, it is a testament to our commitment here at Chalait to share only the finest matcha with our customers .  Come and try our matcha and taste the difference for yourself!


Chalait from farm to cup. 100% Stone ground matcha