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Limited Release Ceremonial Grade Matcha - 30g


This limited release ceremonial matcha differs from our other matcha in its taste, fragrance and even in its deep emerald color. This premium matcha has a smooth consistency with a soft texture, giving you a velvety mouth feel.

Chalait limited release ceremonial grade matcha has a complexity of flavors, which are primarily savory and nutty with a subtle sweetness. You should expect no bitterness whatsoever when drinking this matcha. Our packaging allows you to experience the powder in its freshest form; enjoying its incredible fragrance with a hint of seaweed scent.

On our most recent trip to Japan we were able to source this super premium matcha through our suppliers in Uji, Kyoto. We are now able to offer it here in the US for our Chalait customers to try on a limited release basis.

Limited Release Ceremonial Grade Matcha Notes:

15 servings per tin. Air-sealed

Taste Profile: White Grape, Snow Pea, Almond

Recommended Use: Traditional Preparation

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