Different Grades of Matcha

Different Grades of Matcha

Chalait matcha comes to you directly from the rolling hills of Japan’s most celebrated tea-growing regions. We’ve learned it takes extra-patient taste buds to find the finest matcha. Our obsession with sourcing stems from the disappointment we’ve felt when sipping matcha that doesn’t quite match the quality we’ve come to expect in Japan. That’s why we spend countless hours sipping through the country’s traditional tea-growing regions, where farmers have tended to the fields for centuries. Over the years, we’ve grown one-on-one relationships with farms in places like Uji, which is famous for its rich soils, misty climate and superior teas. We seek out Japan’s smoothest, brightest and tastiest matcha around — then we ship it to your door.

In this article, we will walk through the different types of matcha you’ll find on the market, and how you can incorporate the different styles into your everyday life! We will also share the differences between the various grades of Chalait Matcha.

There are two main grades of matcha: ceremonial and culinary grade. Ceremonial grade designates tea of a quality sufficient for its use in tea ceremonies and Buddhist temples. Almost always ground into a powder by granite stone mills, it is expensive due to the quality of the tea leaves used and the labor intensity during production. There is no distinct set of flavor characteristics designating the highest grade of matcha; some matchas are conspicuously sweet, some can be comparatively bitter with other characteristics to 'compensate'; the full suite of aesthetic properties such as flavor, color, and texture are important in the grading of matcha.

At Chalait, we offer two introductory ceremonial grades of matcha. The Everyday Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the perfect choice for those new to matcha. Offering a wide array of health benefits, along with a smooth great taste of quality matcha. Enjoy the smooth mellow flavor, with inviting hints of bittersweet chocolate, cacao nibs and honeydew with a subtly sweet lingering finish. Recommended use include: Traditional Preparation, Matcha Americano, Matcha Latte.

In addition, we also offer an Organic Ceremonial Grade MatchaSince the first day we launched Chalait, our customers have been asking for us to offer an organic option. However, high quality organic matcha is one of the most difficult teas to produce and rare to source and at Chalait, we were never willing to forego our promise of impeccable quality. After years of searching, however, we've finally found an organic matcha that we deem to be of a high enough standard that we are proud to include it in the Chalait matcha lineup. Our organic matcha continues to impress all those who try it with a smooth and mellow flavor, and lack of bitterness. 

Within ceremonial grade matcha, there are premium grades. Premium grade is high-quality matcha green tea that contains young tea leaves from the top of the tea plant. Best for daily consumption, it is characterized by a fresh, subtle flavor, usually perfect for both new and everyday matcha drinkers alike.

For matcha enthusiasts, we offer two premium ceremonial grades of matcha. Chalait Top Ceremonial Grade Matcha offers a complexity of flavors with a rich aroma. A subtle sweetness enhances the deep earthy flavor of our top grade matcha green tea powder. Matcha connoisseurs will savor this tea for special occasions, or to simply enjoy the exquisite flavor profile of premium grade matcha. The fine powder quickly blends into either hot or cold water, without any clumping for a smooth beverage. Also ideal for Koicha (thick and strong tea) and Usucha (thin and frothy tea).

On our most recent trip to Japan we were able to source this super premium matcha through our suppliers in Uji, Kyoto. We are now able to offer it here in the US for our Chalait customers to try on a limited release basis. This limited release ceremonial matcha differs from our other matcha in its taste, fragrance and even in its deep emerald color. This premium matcha has a smooth consistency with a soft texture, giving you a velvety mouth feel.

Cooking/culinary grade is suitable for cooking purposes, smoothies etc. It is slightly bitter due to factors such as its production from leaves lower down on the tea plant, terroir, the time of harvest, or the process of its manufacture. The cost is also lower and it works very well when paired with sweet ingredients. 

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