3FE, Grand Canal Street Lower

It would be foolish to make any kind of list of the best coffee spots in Dublin and not include 3fe, as it is in many ways the Dublin coffee scene’s figurehead. Not only that but the story of founder Colin Harmon quitting the financial world to pursue a new career in coffee obviously resonated with us in particular.3fe's logo outside their flagship store on Grand Canal street. © dandalker | CHALAIT

3fe's logo outside their flagship store on Grand Canal street. © dandalker | CHALAIT

3fe has come a long way from the humble beginnings when they took over the lobby of a nightclub during the day. Since then they have setup their flagship café on Grand Canal Street and most recently, their own roastery. © dandalker | CHALAIT

© dandalker | CHALAIT

3fe offers coffee from three different farms each day, as well as tasting and brewing courses at the weekend. A variety of espresso and pour over tasting menus lets you judge the skills of its baristas for yourself.The flat white © dandalker | CHALAIT

The flat white © dandalker | CHALAIT

From the perfect steamed flat white to the varied flavors of the espresso tasting flight everything at 3fe was thoroughly satisfying. We would definitely recommend setting aside some time to stop by if you ever find yourself in Dublin.

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