Breaking Ground - Latest developments at Chalait NYC

It's all happening very fast right now. It seems so long ago that we tasted our first cup of matcha green tea in Kyoto and now here we are just weeks away from opening our very own store. Construction is in full swing at our West Village location and everyday brings us closer to achieving that dream.

Michelle discussing the construction with our contractor.Busy making phone calls and getting things sorted

Busy making phone calls and getting things sorted

We have been working closely with our architects and contractors and are very happy with how the store is progressing. So far  only the basic framework has been laid down but we're really starting to see the store take shape and get a better vision of how its going to look. Michelle has been getting in plenty of practice with the steam wand.

Michelle has been getting in plenty of practice with the steam wand.

As well as working hard on the bricks and mortar side of our store, we have also been busy tweaking our drinks and food menus making sure that our recipes and techniques are all fine tuned and ready to go.

In the photo on the left you can see Michelle busy practicing her milk steaming technique so that she can perfect our signature matcha latte. 

You can judge the results for yourself in the gallery below!!

We're are excited to be finally able to share our vision with our friends, family and future customers. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates as construction progresses.

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