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Today is a very exciting day for Chalait. After months of planning and applying for permits, we are finally breaking ground for our cafe in the West Village! Stay tuned for updates on the opening. 

In the meantime, check out our line of ceremonial grade Everyday Matcha and Top Grade Matcha now available on our online shop. Our Everyday Matcha is the perfect go to for those new to matcha and looking to start exploring its great tastes and numerous benefits. The Top Grade Matcha is perfect for special occasions or for matcha connoisseurs who want to treat themselves to the delightful flavor profile of a premium ceremonial grade matcha. 

Our matcha is cultivated and produced in the lush green pastures of Uji in the Kyoto prefecture and is harvested during the first tea harvest of the year guaranteeing a higher quality. We wish to share the best matcha from Japan with our customers and hope you will try what we have to offer and taste the difference for yourself!

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