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Dublin Cafe Series

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Dublin Cafe Series

During a recent trip to Ireland Chalait managed spend a day exploring Dublin and we were excited to be able explore the coffee scene there. Now Ireland might not be a country that is normally associated with a coffee culture but coffee houses have been part of the fabric of the country since they emerged in Dublin in the 17th century.Ireland’s place as a coffee consuming country was re-established in 2008, when Stephen Morrissey won the coveted title of World Barista Champion.3fe, Grand Canal Street Lower © dandalker | CHALAIT

3fe, Grand Canal Street Lower © dandalker | CHALAIT

The specialty coffee shop is in full-blooded renaissance these days, partly inspired by many in the industry having spent time down under in Australia and New Zealand. It's also worth noting that the 2016 World Barista Championships are scheduled for Dublin City, so it would seem this movement is showing little sign of slowing down just yet.Grove Road, Lower Rathmines Road © dandalker | CHALAIT

Grove Road, Lower Rathmines Road © dandalker | CHALAIT

Due to the positive feedback we had for our Tokyo Cafe Series we thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight another burgeoning coffee scene. Below is the full list of all the places we managed to fit in during our trip:

  • Koffy Roastery, Newry
  • 3FE, Grand Canal Street Lower
  • Sasha House Petite, Drury St
  • Grove Road, Lower Rathmines Road
  • Oolong Flower Power, Stephens Street Lower

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