Oolong Flower Power Tea Shop, Stephens Street Lower

Oolong Flower Power Tea Shop, Stephens Street Lower

Oolong Flower Power was another surprise addition to our Dublin trip. Our tour was supposed to be predominantly about the Dublin coffee scene but as we were talking through the streets we stumbled upon the intriguingly named Oolong Flower Power Tea Shop. A sign in the window touting their sale of matcha sealed the deal and we decided we had to go in to check it out.The large array of teas on offer © dandalker | CHALAIT

The large array of teas on offer © dandalker | CHALAIT

Oolong Flower Power is the largest tea room of its kind in Ireland, with over 250 different types of tea and 40 coffees. With a selection ranging from rare and exotic white, yellow and red teas and handcrafted blooming teas to good old fashioned Irish breakfast tea, there's something for everyone. In a central location it's the perfect place to stop off day or night (they open quite late) and sit down for a cup of tea.Ceremonial bowl of matcha! © dandalker | CHALAIT

Ceremonial bowl of matcha! © dandalker | CHALAIT

The setting is just gorgeous! When you walk in you are greeted by hundreds of glass jars filled with tea and coffee. Beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling and enormous attention has been paid to the detail of the interior. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the staff are friendly and warm and the seating is cosy, both upstairs and down.© dandalker | CHALAIT

© dandalker | CHALAIT

The shop also sells amazing porcelain and cast iron tea sets, hand painted mugs, and bamboo and steel strainers. 

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