Sarutahiko Coffee, Ebisu

Sarutahiko Coffee is a cute little coffee shop just a few steps from Ebisu station. We were greeted outside the store by one of the staff who was hanging out by the door and showed us in. (Part of Chalait's Tokyo Coffee Series)© dandalker | CHALAIT

© dandalker | CHALAIT

The shop itself is a fairly tiny spot but the menu was one of the most extensive on offer. They had a full espresso and pour over menu, various mixed coffee drinks as well as seasonal specials. They even had a mini kids menu.© dandalker | CHALAIT

© dandalker | CHALAIT

The food offerings varied from the typical pastries and cookies to a more substantial lunch set featuring various sandwiches.© dandalker | CHALAIT

© dandalker | CHALAIT

We opted for the seasonal special Winter Latte, which had a combination of vanilla and chai flavors mixed in. It was a great drink to warm up with on a chilly late November afternoon.© dandalker | CHALAIT

© dandalker | CHALAIT© dandalker | CHALAIT

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