Tokyo Cafe Series

We mentioned in a previous post that @chalaitnyc has been very lucky to spend a few days in Japan this week including a short stop over in Tokyo. As promised, we are going to take this opportunity to get the pulse of the city's coffee scene and do our best to check out as many of the top independent coffee shops in city.Omotesando Koffee, Omotesando © dandalker | CHALAIT

Omotesando Koffee, Omotesando © dandalker | CHALAIT

Given that Tokyo has never been short on cafes but we were definitely short on time, some advance research was going to be needed so that we could fit in as many of the best stores on trip. 

Luckily we came across this list, by the always reliable Daily Coffee News, which grabbed our attention. While no means exhaustive the list seemed like a pretty good starting point and would serve as our main guide during our stay. Of the seven stores that they mention we manged to fit in six of them.The Cream of the Crop Coffee, Shibuya © dandalker | CHALAIT

The Cream of the Crop Coffee, Shibuya © dandalker | CHALAIT

We'll be posting all our thoughts and photos from what we found over the next few days and weeks. but In the meantime, below is the full list (in no particular order) of all the coffee shops that we managed to fit in along with a map of their locations. (As we post the entries for each cafe, we'll update the names below to include links to each posting)

Who's the Boss? Boss is one of the leading brands in Japan specializing in canned coffee. No real reason to mention this, we just liked the name and the posters!!

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