Boost Your Workout with Matcha

Boost Your Workout with Matcha

First off, we would just like to wish the Chalait a community a happy New Year! We are finished with 2020, and we can all attest to the arduous year we just went through. Despite everything that has happened, we can definitely look forward to starting off the new year right!

One way to tackle the new year is to set goals or routines to accomplish on a weekly, or daily basis pending on what exactly it is you are trying to do. Specifically we want to focus on health and wellness, and one way to ensure keeping yourself in a healthy state is to be active throughout the day. This may be difficult due to gym closures, or if you may not have any equipment at home, but don't fret. There are many at home workouts you can do that require no equipment at all!

There are many callisthenic workouts that are out there to do, but here we will discuss and go over a simple workout routine you can do either in morning before you start your day, or to wind down in the evening with a nice sweat!

Circuit Training
1. Bodyweight Squats: 20 reps
2. Push ups: 10 reps
3. Walking lunges: 10 each leg
4. Sit up: 20 reps
5. Plank: 15 seconds
6. Jumping Jacks: 30 reps
*Repeat this routine 4 more times*

The workouts listed are good beginner circuit training, we recommend starting out with these numbers, and over time the number of reps will go up.

If you need a little bit of a boost of energy, try drinking a shot of matcha 20 minutes prior to your exercise so you can have the full effect working out! There are so many upsides to matcha, and a natural source of energy is one of them. We recommend shying away from artificial, synthetic pre-workouts. There are a multitude of reasons, but the potential of raising your blood pressure, inducing cramps, and those jitters are just not worth it!

Together we will make the most of 2021. We believe in keeping a nutritious diet and workout routine for a healthy mind, body and soul! Keep us posted on what workout routines you do at home.

Until next time, take care yourself, take care of each other!

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