Matcha Tea Powder

How Do You Choose Your Matcha Drink?

If you are just a beginner or already a matcha connoisseur, it is important to learn to distinguish between different matcha grades and find the drink that fits and satisfies your needs. Because of the variations in the way matcha is grown, treated and harvested, matcha is split into different grades.

Matcha Latte

Ceremonial Matcha: Everyday Grade

Our Everyday Grade Matcha retains slight sweetness along with bittersweet chocolate notes and should definitely be your go-to choice when mixing with milk. This matcha blends great with regular whole milk, and even better with your choice of non-dairy. Our house made almond-cashew blend is made with dates, so the milk brings out matcha’s own sweetness.

Ceremonial Matcha: Top Grade

Our Top Grade Matcha is a higher quality matcha grade that presents a lot of rich subtle flavors and a strong aroma. Because this grade brings out matcha’s deep earthy tastes, we recommend using this grade for more traditional drinks, such as a matcha shot or matcha tea with more hot water. Beginners will benefit by experiencing real matcha flavors and experienced matcha drinkers will enjoy this premium flavor.

Shot of Matcha

Ceremonial Matcha: Reserve Grade

Chalait's Limited Reserve Grade Matcha is a very special matcha grade that we brought directly from our local farms in Uji. As someone who appreciates the taste of matcha, you will love the incredible fragrance accompanied by savory and silky finish without any bitterness. This matcha makes a perfect gift for someone special to you, who will be grateful for this unique experience.

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