Smooth Matcha tea with no clumps

How to Stop Matcha from Clumping

How to make a smooth Matcha tea

A smooth Matcha drink is one of the best ways to start your day. However, if your superfood beverage is even slightly lumpy, with a clumpy consistency you will certainly feel disappointment at the very first sip.

Why does my matcha clump?

If your matcha powder has been exposed to moisture, condensation or heat you will notice that the quality of the powder will deteriorate, causing the powder to clump together. Also, keep in mind that true Matcha powder is simply finely ground shade-grown tea leaves, without the addition of anti-clumping agents.

How to stop your matcha from clumping

If you have whisked, shaken and blended and still have a clumpy Matcha tea then here are our suggestions

  1. Use a small Matcha Spoon (also known as a chahaku) to scoop out and measure how much Matcha you are using - you may be using too much.
  2. Use a fine mesh to sift your powder before using
  3. Whisk your matcha with a traditional 100 prong Matcha whisk (also known as a chasen) Whisk in a 'W' or zig-zag formation until a froth forms

Other ways to blend your matcha powder:

Don't have a whisk, you can also blend matcha using a shaker bottle, or hydro flask - ensuring that it is secured properly. A cocktail shaker also works well if your bar cart is better stocked than your kitchen.

In the blender. Matcha is a wonderous ingredient to add to your morning smoothies giving you an energizing boost for the day. Simply add the powder to your milk/coconut water or juice and mix in the blender.

How to make a smooth matcha iced tea

The last thing you want in your iced matcha latte or iced tea is a chunky consistency.

For a silky smooth beverage, you need to start with a matcha paste. Mix your powder with a small amount of warm water until you have a smooth paste. Now you can add your milk of choice and sweetener. Mix in a shaker bottle with ice to get that chilled, refreshing drink you want - minus the clumps

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