Matcha & Skincare

Matcha & Skincare

Not only is matcha very good for your inner health but it has its beauty benefits as well! Matcha contains anti-aging ingredients that helps your skin looking best. 

There is also very simple procedures to include matcha into your daily skin care routine.  You can add a few drops of green tea or matcha extract into your sunscreen before applying or you can even give yourself a nice calming matcha bath!

Matcha Skincare Benefits include:

  • Preventing cell damage
  • Improved blood flow
  • Reduced sun damage to skin
  • Smoother skin

There was a study done in 2005 where 40 women with moderate photo-aging (damaged skin caused by the sun) used a regimen of green tea oral supplements and an application of green tea facial cream for 8 weeks. Those that used the supplement and cream showed an improvement of elasticity of tissue to the skin compared to those in the placebo group that had no improvement whatsoever. 


Step up your beauty and skincare game by including matcha into your daily routine!

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