What flavors go well with matcha?

What flavors go well with matcha?

First off — let’s talk about the taste of the matcha itself. Known for having a grassy or vegetal flavor, matcha also has a subtle, natural sweetness and a creamy or milky consistency. The taste profile that makes matcha most unique is the savory or “umami” flavor. This savory sensation is something you would normally associate with a meal like soup, and not in a drink form, but it is celebrated when it comes to matcha tea. 


This unique combination of flavors makes it difficult to pair matcha with certain foods, so it is really important to know what flavors work well with this specific tea. Once you know what flavors go well with matcha, it will be easy to create your own food pairings and matcha lattes at home. Below is our research and favorite pairings with our Chalait matcha.



Natural sweetness and tropical flavors are a good way to balance out the mellow taste of matcha, while also minimizing added sugar. Try: Banana, pineapple, strawberry, coconut, pear, apple, blueberry



Nuts and seeds have a very “neutral sweet” flavor, making them extremely popular in lattes. If you are currently making matcha lattes, try one with nut or seed milk and see what you think! Try: Pistachios, cashews, chia, sunflower, pumpkin seeds



You generally can’t go wrong with sweets & matcha. Traditionally in Japan, matcha is often served with mild sweets, most commonly with red bean paste and mochi. Different types of chocolate also balance out and compliment matcha to make a delicious treat. Try: Dark chocolate, white chocolate, agave, honey, maple syrup



Matcha has a sharp, earthy flavor that pairs well with bright, tart flavors. When adding citrus, it’s good to also add a touch of sweetness from one of the natural sweeteners mentioned to the left. Try: Lemon, orange



It's usually a good idea to pair matcha with foods that have a smooth or creamy flavor to them like milk (hence the popularity of a matcha latte). Any dairy or alternative milk works extremely well with matcha. Try: Dairy, yogurt, nut or oat milk, ice cream


We encourage you to experiment with our matcha and these ingredients and see what makes the perfect cup of matcha for you!




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