How To Have Matcha On The Go

How To Have Matcha On The Go

Let's face it, if you are not a morning person, your morning beverage *must* be easy to prepare, you need to be able to put it together virtually in your sleep. But further to this, your drink must be portable. After all, sometimes, the only time you have to enjoy your drink is on the subway to work or when walking to the gym.

Why is matcha to go so important?

Not only is Matcha tasty, but it also gives you a revitalising boost when you need it most. This makes it a wonderful choice when you are just out of bed, or when you've hit the dreaded 3pm slump. One serving of Matcha will give you a powder keg of antioxidants and deliver a long-lasting dose of caffeine. Research continually shows that this combination helps to improve your exercise performance, while also helping you to remain focused at work - particularly in the afternoon

There simply aren't many beverages that can deliver these qualities, whilst also being good for you. Matcha contains are no added sweeteners, preservatives or nasties that are likely to cause an adverse reaction. A quality Matcha tea is simply that, Matcha tea.

Tomorrow, instead of reaching for your energy drink or coffee-to-go, take the superfood Matcha drink on the go. Now you can make your Matcha just about anywhere, in as little as 30 seconds.

The Chalait Matcha to-go sticks allow you to quickly make an energizing pre-workout drink to drink on the way to the gym, or to mix at the office when you start to feel sluggish in the afternoon. These pre-measured servings can be slipped inside your bag to take to work and can be blended with either hot or cold water.

How to make matcha to go

Time needed: 1 minute.

Make a hot Matcha drink in 3 easy steps, either at home or in the office.

  1. Boil water

    Add hot water to your shaker cup or flask.
    For a thin tea preparation add 2.5 oz of water

  2. Add Matcha

    Add your matcha powder to the water.
    For convenience we recommend the Chalait Matcha to-go sticksMatcha to go sticks

  3. Shake!

    Make sure the lid is secured tightly then give you flask a good shake for about 20-30 seconds. This will ensure a smooth consistency and a little bit of froth on the top

  4. Enjoy!

    Your hot Matcha drink is now ready for sipping. Enjoy!Matcha flask shake and go

Are you in New York?

The good news is that if you are in NEW York, you can get your Matcha fix at a Chalait café. Chalait is enthusiastic about everything Matcha; making sure that we only use the best quality Matcha powder for the best experience every time.

Buy your Matcha to go at one of the following Chalait NY locations:

  • Chalait Hudson Square - 299 West Houston Street, New York
  • Chalait UWS - 461 Amsterdam Ave, New York
  • Chalait Chelsea Market - 75 9th Avenue, New York

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