Matcha Hot Chocolate Sticks

Matcha Hot Chocolate Sticks

There couldn’t be a better way to show someone how much you care than giving them your time. And if that also includes chocolate and matcha, even better. These easy matcha hot chocolate sticks make for a perfectly delicious last-minute homemade gift.

What are hot chocolate sticks?

Hot chocolate stir sticks are easy to make treats. Once you dip a matcha hot chocolate stick into a cup of steaming hot milk, it will fully melt into a delicious cup of hot chocolate. They are super easy to make, and there are only a couple of things to be mindful of. The very basic recipe requires only 2 ingredients, and the upgraded festive recipe will give you truly luxurious chocolate stir sticks that are as pretty as the store-bought ones.

Matcha hot chocolate sticks

How to add matcha to chocolate?

When making matcha lattes, the best way is to make a thick paste using a tiny amount of water. However, when making matcha chocolate, avoid using any water. Even the smallest amount will ruin the chocolate. Once you remove the saucepan from the heat, immediately add matcha powder using a kitchen sifter and stir. This way you will break all the lumps and end up with a beautiful, smooth, green chocolate.

What is the best white chocolate for making hot chocolate sticks?

You can use (almost) any white chocolate as long as it doesn’t contain other ingredients such as nuts or cream fillings. Small baking chocolate pellets will be the easiest to use and will melt almost instantly. When possible, use baking chocolate and avoid chocolate chips. If you are using regular white chocolate, break it into small chunks and melt it over a very low heat while stirring continuously.

White chocolate is usually more difficult to work with, but you don’t need a candy thermometer or double boiler to melt it properly if:

    • you use a very low heat,
    • you use a proper saucepan with a heavy bottom, and
    • start melting it immediately when you turn on the heat.

    Once there are only a few smaller bits of chocolate left, immediately remove it from the heat, add matcha powder and stir with a spoon until blended.

    How much matcha should you use?

    When making desserts and drinks with matcha, you don’t need to use too much matcha powder. The color will depend on the grade and quality of matcha powder, rather than quantity. Use 1 teaspoon of ceremonial or all-purpose matcha powder per 100 grams of white chocolate. You may add 1 teaspoon more if you want to increase the matcha content per serving. Depending on the mold you are using, 100 grams will be enough for 2-4 chocolate sticks.

    Melted chocolate stir stick

    How to make matcha hot chocolate more luxurious?

    A decadent cup of hot chocolate should be velvety and smooth, and to get the same results at home, add some potato starch to melted chocolate. Do not dissolve it in water, add it right after matcha and use a sifter to prevent lumps. Potato starch is flavorless and will add more texture to your drink. For a final festive touch, use edible glitter or sprinkles.

    You can decorate your hot chocolate sticks with:

      • small marshmallows
      • almond crunch
      • sugar sprinkles
      • edible pearls
      • crushed candy cane
      • edible glitter
      • edible gold foil

      Which mold to use?

      The best and easiest molds for working with chocolate are soft silicone chocolate molds, but ice cream molds work great as well. Let the chocolate cool down to room temperature first, and then chill it in the fridge or let it set in a cool dark place, away from any source of heat.

      Matcha Hot Chocolate Sticks Recipe

      This recipe is enough for 3-8 sticks depending on the molds you are using. Smaller sticks will equal 25 grams of chocolate each, while the larger ones will be over 65 grams per serving. Use approximately 150 ml (5 oz) of hot milk to melt one small stick.

      Do not add: 

        • Any water – you will need to sift matcha into chocolate directly.
        • Cream or milk – it will ruin the consistency and your chocolate will not set.
        • Food colorings as they will change the color of matcha tea.

        Adding cream to melted matcha chocolate will also deepen the color and change it from vibrant light green into a darker moss green. 

        You can add:

          • A few drops of oil based flavor extract such as orange or almond
          • Powdered spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon
          • Edible glitter
          • Potato starch

          Matcha hot chocolate sticks


            • 200 grams (7 oz) of white chocolate
            • 1 heaped teaspoon of matcha powder
            • 1 heaped teaspoon of potato starch - optional
            • Glitter for decorating - optional


            1. Add chocolate into a small saucepan with a heavy bottom.
            2. Start melting in on a very low heat while continuously stirring. Once there are only a few smaller pieces of chocolate left, remove from the heat and continue stirring.
            3. Sift in 1 heaped teaspoon of matcha powder and stir until blended.
            4. Sift in 2 leveled teaspoons of potato starch and stir.
            5. Add a few drops of extract, powdered spices, or glitter. (optional)
            6. Pour melted chocolate into molds. Leave it to cool down for 20 minutes and insert sticks. If you are using marshmallows or sugar stars, add them now.
            7. Put the mold into the fridge until the chocolate is completely set, then remove matcha chocolate sticks from the mold.
            8. Decorate with edible glitter using a clean paintbrush (optional).
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