Matcha Slushie Recipe - Delicious & Healthy Icy Matcha Treat

Matcha Slushie Recipe - Delicious & Healthy Icy Matcha Treat

Somewhere in between a really cold drink and a delicious sorbet hides a humble, but incredibly refreshing summer drink – the legendary slushie. Although homemade slushies are typically made with a powdered drink mix, you can make them with dozens of other ingredients too. Use a high-quality matcha powder instead, and it will not only be refreshing and super tasty, but healthy and energizing too.

And, best of all, you can make this matcha slushie literally in a couple of minutes.

Why should you make matcha slushie?

Unlike the most popular types of slushies, matcha slushie is completely natural, doesn’t require any special ingredients, and is incredibly easy to make. You’ll need 4 ingredients and a blender strong enough to crush ice.

So, why should you even try making it? Because it’s not only delicious, but packed with nutrients, super refreshing and a truly fun way to drink your matcha in summer.

You won’t be needing any special equipment or freeze it for hours. However, you will need LOTS of ice, a high quality, vibrant and fresh matcha tea powder, some milk, a sweetener and a blender. You’ll want to serve a slushie immediately, so don’t make more than you plan to drink. This treat is so easy to make that you can easily make another serving in a matter of minutes.

Icy cold matcha

How do you make slushie fast?

There are many ways to make a slushie. Some include more complicated steps that will take hours of your time, the others are quite simple. Whichever way you choose, you will still end up with a delicious summer treat. This recipe will show you the easiest way to make slushie at home, but keep in mind that the results may vary depending on the ingredients. If you are not happy with the consistency, add more ice and blend again.

Are slushies healthy?

Just like any other treat, frozen or not, how healthy your slushie is will depend on the ingredients you choose. Using matcha instead of drink powders will add additional antioxidants, chlorophyll, amino acids and caffeine, making it a perfect alternative to regular slushies. This drink contains caffeine, so it’s not suitable for children and people sensitive to this compound. The type of milk and sweetener will also impact the nutritional value. Also, in terms of nutrients, raw honey may be a better option than a regular granulated white sugar.

Ingredients for making a homemade matcha slushie

Matcha tea – You can choose any high quality authentic matcha, including organic ceremonial grade matcha or an all-purpose matcha for making lattes and baking. ½ teaspoon will be enough for one serving. Matcha teas with grassy flavor profile and sweet and deep umami flavor profile will both taste delicious.

Milk – full fat milk is a great option because it will add texture. Once your slushie starts melting, it will have a much nicer consistency if you are using whole milk. To make it more indulgent, add a tablespoon of half-and-half.

Ice – you will need a lot of ice to achieve a mushy texture. About ½ of an ice tray will usually be enough. The more you blend, the thicker the texture will be. Make sure you blend your slushie enough before adding more ice. It’s best to make ice the night before, so it’s fresh and odorless.

Sweetener – You can choose either honey or sugar, or even a calorie free sugar alternative. Keep in mind though, if you are adding honey, always dissolve it in matcha before adding it to a blender. Another amazing alternative is a simple syrup or different fruit syrups. They will add both sweetness and flavor. Some of the best flavors to add to matcha tea are blueberry, elderberry and strawberry.

Homemade matcha slushie

Steps for making a matcha slushie

Make the tea first – Never add matcha powder directly to a blender.

Blend it with milk first, by either:

  • using 1 oz of freshly boiled water cooled to 176°F, whisking it and blending with milk, or
  • by adding the powder directly to milk and whisking it using an electric hand frother.

Don’t use chasen for whisking matcha with milk because bamboo is very delicate and it will be difficult to wash off the milk scent. There are some benefits to making your matcha with hot water, such as a deeper flavor and potentially increased antioxidant properties.

Dissolve the sweetener – while the tea is still hot, add sweetener and stir until fully dissolved. 2 teaspoons will give a lightly sweetened slushie, so add one or two more if you prefer sweeter treats.

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend – You will need to blend it for a couple of minutes to get the right texture. Make sure your blender is suitable for long blending. If not, make brief pauses after each 30 seconds of blending. Continue until the texture is so thick you can’t blend it anymore.

Serve and enjoy – Serve with a straw and enjoy immediately.

 Homemade matcha slushie

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