Gifts for Matcha Lovers – Guide to your Christmas shopping

Gifts for Matcha Lovers – Guide to your Christmas shopping

Shopping for gifts is the most stressful part of the festive season, even for the most avid shoppers. Even if you know someone’s preferences and taste, it may still be difficult to find that perfect gift. Matcha is so unique that you can gift it to both tea enthusiasts and people that know little about tea, and rest assured your gift will be well appreciated. Besides, it’s packed with benefits, and so versatile it can be a part of everyone’s life. What are the best gifts for matcha lovers depending on their lifestyle and familiarity with matcha? Our guide will help you find the perfect matcha gift for any tea lover.

10+ best gifts for matcha lovers

Christmas matcha gifts

1. For people that switched to matcha from coffee or coffee drinkers that love lattes

When switching from coffee to tea, many tea drinkers keep their habit of drinking lattes. You can bundle up an everyday matcha powder with simple electric frother and create a gift that will allow latte lovers to make matcha lattes in no time. Another perfect gift is a clear glass mug, that will accentuate the vivid green color of matcha tea latte.

2. For busy matcha drinkers

While there is a lot of beauty in preparing matcha the traditional way, busy people may not always have that time. If your loved one has a very busy schedule, but can’t imagine a day without matcha, a matcha travel flask that preserves the temperature makes for an awesome gift.  

3. For bakers, even if they have never tried matcha before

The beauty of matcha powder is not only in its color, flavor and texture, but in versatility too. It’s the most versatile tea in the world. You can add it to thousands of recipes and it will bring freshness and vivid colors to any kitchen. The best gift for matcha lovers that love baking? All-purpose matcha powder with flavor profile and color specially chosen for baking and making lattes.

4. For tea traditionalists

Some tea drinkers prefer to drink their matcha only in the traditionally way. When buying a gift for someone you know is crazy about matcha, a traditional matcha bowl and premium matcha tea make for an amazing gift. Traditional matcha tea drinkers never have enough of chawans – matcha bowls, so gifting them one will always be appreciated. Matcha bowls differ from regular food bowls and are often chosen to match the season and mood.  

5. When you want someone to try matcha for the first time

A traditional basic matcha tea set is a wonderful gift that will open the door to the world of matcha to any tea beginner. Gift them a matcha starter kit that includes a classic matcha tea bowl and a matcha whisk called chasen and they can start drinking it immediately. To fall in love with matcha tea, trying an authentic high quality Japanese tea powder is a must, so a tin of premium quality matcha powder makes for an amazing gift as well.

6. Matcha gifts for chocolate lovers

Gifting a unique chocolate to someone you know loves chocolate is always a great idea. From matcha truffles to matcha pralines, there’s a perfect type of matcha chocolate for everyone. If you are on a budget, you can try making it yourself too. Check out these hot chocolate sticks that are easy to make and will be loved by both advanced tea drinkers and beginners. Alternative? Make a delicious matcha chocolate bark and gift in a pretty gift box.

7. When you look for luxury

For tea drinkers that enjoy rare teas and appreciate flavor nuances, limited edition matcha teas or tea powders made from special tea cultivars will be more than welcomed. Limited edition tea comes with a higher price tag, but it will be truly appreciated and makes for an amazing luxury Christmas gift.

8. Gifts for people that meditate

For someone who likes to meditate, enjoy peace and calmness and is a matcha lover, go beyond gifting a traditional matcha tea set. Utensils such as hand-crafted chasen whisk with less prong for making koicha, hishaku or water ladle, tsubame or matcha sifter and matcha caddies will give them an opportunity to follow all steps in preparing a cup of meditative matcha tea. If they never tried matcha before, gift them a basic traditional matcha set or an organic matcha powder.

9. For someone you want to pamper

For tea drinkers that love relaxing and wellness rituals, matcha candle, beauty product with matcha green tea such as scrubs, creams, face masks and lotions are all fantastic gifts. Not only will you give them a pampering product, but they will enjoy benefits of matcha on their skin as well. 

10. Last minute gifts for matcha lovers

When there’s no time for shopping, choose gift card from their favorite tea shop and together with a personalized message. We also created a limited-edition little miss matcha tote — and now through 12/30 you can get it free when you order $100+ from our other holiday gifts! These custom made totes are great for those who want to share their love for matcha everyday.


Choosing the best matcha gifts

For a matcha addict, there’s no such thing as having too much matcha or too many matcha utensils. You can’t go wrong with gifting a premium quality tea powder or utensils such as chawan or chasen. But if you really want to make sure someone will be happy with their gift, choose matcha products based on their preferences, lifestyle and familiarity with matcha.

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