How to Make Matcha Latte in 5 Minutes

How to Make Matcha Latte in 5 Minutes

Keep hearing about how delicious matcha latte is, but never had the time to make it?  There’s good news – it’s easier to prepare than a cup of regular black tea latte. Keep reading and in exactly 5 minutes, you will know how to make matcha latte at home. Add another 5, and maybe you will end up with a new favorite milky drink.

What is in Matcha Latte?

Matcha latte is a very simple hot drink made with green tea powder, water and steamed milk, topped with a layer of foam. With only 3 ingredients – plus an optional sweetener – it’s incredibly easy to make.

To make matcha latte you will need:

  • Authentic matcha powder
  • Semi-skimmed or full-fat milk or a plant-based milk alternative
  • Water
  • Sweetener - optional

You will also need some basic utensils:

  • Something to make matcha tea in – a wide bottom mug or a bowl. You can use the wide bottom mug for serving too.
  • Sifter
  • Teaspoon or a matcha scoop
  • Mug or a cup for serving
  • Something to froth matcha and milk – there are many options, and we’ll explore them in a second.

Is Matcha Latte same as Matcha Milk Tea?

Matcha milk tea recipe can include any type of milk, including condensed. Milk tea doesn’t need to have a layer of foam – a signature sign of latte. In coffee terms, matcha milk tea would be closer to flat white – except it can contain different ratios of tea vs milk and any type of milk.

Which Matcha powder is the best for making a Latte?

The best matcha green tea powder for making a matcha tea latte is an all-purpose grade matcha. While you can use your favorite ceremonial grade matcha tea, all-purpose powders are created with a specific goal – to give you the best tasting high quality nutritious drinks and desserts. Plus, there’s the color aspect too – both all-purpose matcha and ceremonial grade matcha will always give a beautiful green color to your drinks.

Learn more about Matcha Tea Grades.

Basic super easy 5-minute Matcha Latte recipe

If matcha is no stranger to you, there’s a high chance you already have all matcha utensils – a bowl, chasen (bamboo whisk) and chashaku (matcha scoop). You can use them for making matcha latte too.

Steps to prepare matcha latte:

  1. Boil fresh spring water and let it cool to 176 °
  2. Sift 2-3 grams (1 teaspoon or 2-3 chashaku) of matcha powder into a bowl or a wide bottom mug.
  3. Add just enough of water to make a thick paste. Use a teaspoon and mix it well until there are no lumps left.
  4. Add 2 oz of water and whisk with chasen until the paste dissolves and a layer of foam appears.
  5. Steam 8 oz of milk using a steamer. Alternatively, heat it over a stove or in a microwave and use an electric whisk to make foam.
  6. Pour steamed milk into a mug with matcha and top up with foam.
  7. Add sweetener and stir.

Want to learn how to make the best cup of ceremonial matcha? Learn how to prepare matcha here.

Matcha latte in a glass

How to make Matcha Latte without a bamboo whisk?

But what if you don’t have all the utensils? The most important step in making a delicious matcha latte is to make sure it’s lump-free. That’s where matcha bamboo whisk will come in handy. Instead of matcha whisk, you can try these alternatives:

  • Way 1: Once you make a paste, add the rest of water, stir and pour into a glass jar with a lid, cocktail shaker or a blender cup. Shake until frothy.
  • Way 2: Add the rest of water to matcha paste and use an electric frother.

How to make Matcha Matte without a frother?

No latte would ever be the same without a layer of creamy froth. To do that, you will need something for frothing the milk. You will get the best creamy frothy milk using a coffee machine’s steam wand or an electric hand frother.

Extra tip: NEVER use your bamboo matcha whisk for frothing milk. It’s very delicate and will probably take on the scent of milk.

So if you can’t use a steamer, a hand frother or a matcha whisk, what can you use? Thankfully, same utensils that you can use for frothing matcha will all work great for frothing milk too.

  • Way 1: Preheat the milk over a stove or in a microwave. Pour into a glass jar, cocktail shaker or a blender bottle and close the lid. Shake. Never use very hot milk. If the milk is too hot, it will create a lot of pressure inside the shaker.
  • Way 2: Preheat the milk in a saucepan and use a regular hand whisk and manually whisk until there’s enough froth.

How to make Matcha Latte sweet?

If you prefer your latte sweet, honey and agave syrup may give a nice warm note. Another great alternative are calorie-free flavor drops – try matcha latte with maple syrup drops. You can add a sweetener before or after adding milk.

Some of the best sweeteners for matcha latte:

  • Raw honey
  • Agave syrup
  • Maple syrup
  • Calorie-free white chocolate flavor or maple flavor drops

What is the best milk for Matcha Latte?

Although you can use any milk for making matcha latte, not all of them will froth in the same way. Cow’s milk with a higher percentage of fat will give a creamier texture. The best vegan milk alternative is barista oats milk and pea milk. Both will froth well and give a thicker texture. Soy milk may work well too, but it also has a stronger, specific flavor.

5 minutes later

Now you know all the basic steps to make matcha latte any time you want. The first few attempts may take over 5 minutes, but after a few tries, you will be able to make it even in a rush. In fact, there’s a high chance it will become your new favorite morning drink.

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